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Recovery Services
Smoke & Soot Removal

Smoke & Soot Removal

Avoid attempting major cleanup yourself – improper cleaning protocols can create further damage and increase your chance of health risks associated with soot exposure. Our professional cleaning teams knows how to clean soot off walls, floors, and ceilings properly, without spreading and damaging the wall further.


Dehumidification & Drying

Dehumidification and drying removes moisture from the air and prevents secondary water damage from condensation. Our state-of-the-art drying and dehumidifying chambers help restore items to their original condition – quickly and efficiently. Heat, dehumidification, and air movement are used for fast, controlled drying. Odours are eliminated by introducing ozone or ultra-violet light, which breaks down odour-causing organic particles.

Image by Sandy Millar

Mold Removal & Remediation

Poorly ventilated areas, bathrooms and kitchens are prime locations for mould growth. Mould can grow due to flooding, leaky roofs, plumbing leaks, and sewer backflows. It can break down the surface it’s growing on, causing potential structural problems. This type of remediation requires specialized equipment and knowledge of how mould spreads and how to eliminate the contributing components — the mould itself, its food, and moisture sources. Premium focuses on containment of the mould, controlling air movement, proper disposal of waste materials, and meticulous cleaning of the affected areas.

Old Documents

Document & Media Recovery

In the aftermath of a fire or flood, some of the most treasured and irreplaceable contents include important documents, books, and photos. Will they ever be the same? Thanks to years of paper recovery experience and development of proprietary document restoration processes, Premium Restoration’s Document and Media Recovery Division can help you save those sensitive and sentimental documents.

Air Duct

Air Duct

HVAC and Air Ducts

Your air ducts are what keeps the clean air flowing through your home or business. If your air ducts haven’t been maintained – or if they were installed incorrectly from the start – they may be contaminated with dust and other debris, and you can experience problems with your heating and cooling. It’s crucial that you change the air filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), you should have your air ducts cleaned and your HVAC system inspected annually.

Restorer Using Scalpel

Contents Restoration

After a disaster, precious belongings and critical documents may be damaged. Determining what is possible to salvage and what is not is a crucial and delicate process. The focus of our Contents Division is to mitigate affected items from further damage and create a detailed inventory of items that are deemed restorable and those that are non-restorable. Throughout every step of the process, our team takes great care in handling sentimental, confidential, invaluable, and irreplaceable items knowing that these are often what is valued the most.

Fixing a Computer

Electronic Restoration

Protect Your Electronics

Electronic equipment is the lifeblood of many businesses today. When disaster strikes in the form of water or fire, these vital assets must be treated and restored immediately. Electronics subjected to water damage must be dried using special techniques. Residue from fire and soot contains acid that can corrode metal surfaces and should be professionally removed. With the timely restoration of your electronic equipment by the trained technicians at Premium Restoration, we can prevent further damage

Covid 19

Environmental Services

Environmental services consist of biohazard abatement and remediation. Some examples of this are:

  • Asbestos

  • Mold

  • Lead

  • Infectious diseases

  • COVID, pathogens, and super bugs


Our professionally trained staff are ready to help with any environmental services.

Consultation on Tablet

Consulting Services

The most notable benefits of the Premium EPP is the information database that is available by any crew, at any hour, of any day. It is available regardless of the location to assure commercial and strata protocols and best practices are consistently followed.


Structural Safety

Damaged structures are immediately analyzed for integrity, safety and functional capability. To ensure everyone’s safety, we take precautionary actions as needed, including site stabilization and board up, temporary power installations, and debris removal.

Biohazard Remediation

Worker Carrying Asbestos Board

Asbestos & Lead Abatement

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous carcinogen and poses the greatest danger when it becomes airborne. As a result, with any material that we may disturb in a building older than 1990, we are required to test for asbestos. Premium strictly follows Provincial and Federal guidelines and procedures when dealing with asbestos, and has professionals specifically trained for handling this material.

Dehumidification & Drying
Mold Removal & Remediation
Document & Media Recovery
Air Duct Cleaning
Contents Restoration
Electronic Restoration
Enviromental Services
Consulting Services
Strutural Safety
Asbestos & Lead Abatemen
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